About Us
In the world of advertising - Innovation is what carves one's way to success.

With a slew of run-of- the-mill, static outdoor advertising mediums - like billboards, posters, hoardings etc. it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach out to the mobile target audiences. Thus, innovative, catchy and moving advertising means are needed which could move with the audiences, until the ad message they carry gets absorbed by them.

We at Ads on Wheels© bring to you the novice, unusual and mobile/transit advertising mediums which are equipped to grab audiences' attention by catching pace with them. These include Auto ads, Look Walkers, Vehicle Wraps, Promo Bikes, Ad-Bicy, Digi Walkers etc. Be it new product promotion message, or publicity of any film or concert these phenomenal and eye catching advertising mediums surely do wonders in spreading words amongst the target audiences.

We are no novice to the advertising industry. It is just another endeavor of making it big in the ad world. Our parent company remains your old and trusted event management company Masterpiece Events (A unit of Market Connectors). After delivering a bevy of unmatched and phenomenal events, entertainment and BTL activation solutions, we thought of giving wheels to our clients' ad messages, so that their ads reach out to the audiences in the most unmarred way.

We boast of an exorbitant fleet of more than 1000 ad vehicles that includes autos, buses, cars etc. Besides, we have sets of promo bikes and a large number of look walkers at our disposal. All our advertising mediums are easily affordable. Two of our prime ad carriers Autos and vehicle wraps run on high streets, pass through busy market areas; red lights etc thus extend high density exposure to our clients' ads.

While our other ad mediums "Promo bikes and Look walkers are specialized in facilitating highly targeted promotion of clients" ads. They run at exhibition grounds, colleges, Shopping malls etc, thus captivate attention of clients' target audiences. Also, as the two are human powered so do not cause pollution and are completely eco-friendly.

Transit advertising is already a rage in European and other developed countries, and now at Ads on Wheels©, with our constant endeavors we are striving to make it an indispensible name in the Indian advertising industry, too. So connect to us " and we will give wheels to your ads " so that your ads reach the million's.