Look walker is another form of path-breaking, distinct and high impact form of transit advertising. Unlike, other traditional outdoor advertising forms (like hoardings, billboards etc.), look walker walks with the audiences to catch their attention. It is one of the most commonly used advertising form in European countries, and is now gaining a strong foothold in India too.

Ads on Wheels© is pioneer in introducing this captivating advertising form to the distinctive clients of various notable regions in India. We have a bevy of trained and professional Look walkers who walk in malls, at market places, high streets etc; wearing backlit billboards to facilitate high density exposure of clients' ads.

The Glowing boards worn by our look walkers are easily carriable, light weight backpacks which are LED illuminated, so do not cause climate heating, and hence are eco-friendly and pollution free. Our human billboards could go up to 8 feet high so they remain highly visible from virtually any angle in the crowd and facilitate 360 degree viewing of the clients' ad messages.

Our Look i walkers are smartly dressed, highly efficient ad carriers that aid in enhancing sales, distributing flyers/giveaways for promotion of new stores, products, sporting events, films, concerts, political campaigns or directing visitors to trade shows/exhibition stands etc. Our novice and smart ad service is flexible, cost effective and compact, so aptly caters to the distinct promotional needs of the varied business set ups.