Promo Bikes
Promo bikes/Ad bikes are a distinct and high impact form of transit advertising that have carved a niche for themselves in the advertising world. The sole purpose of releasing any ad message is to garner maximum eye balls, and if that happens at less price then there is nothing like it. This is exactly what makes promo bikes highly preferable. These are cost effective, highly attractive, compact and efficient ad carriers.

The concept of promo bikes was first introduced by Europeans but has now become a rage in the world. We at Ads on Wheels© are trying to bring this human powered thus eco-friendly medium of advertising to your reach. And thus offering you the services of a slew of promo bikes, all laced with - LED light box that keeps the ad lit even in the night and high reception sound system that conveys your audio messages, or radio commercials to your audiences.

Our promo bikes facilitate targeted promotion of your ad by running it over streets, pedestrian path, and service roads etc. "which are frequently mobbed by your target audiences. Our bike riders are trained bikers -who ride your ad message to your audience" sporting your corporate attire, in a user friendly and non-polluting way.