What We Do
To make you avail the benefits of Transit advertising, we at Ads on Wheels© bring to you a range of appealing, unique and intelligent ad carriers. You can piggy back your ads onto these ad carriers and see them catch eyeballs of your target audiences.

Ads on Wheels© truly holds fast that in this ever moving world, to make one's ads conspicuous it is important to make them mobile. Mobile Ads are highly attention seeking and instantly register in the minds of the target audiences, by virtue of their unusualness and engagingness.

We employ captivating ad carriers "Promo Bikes, Vehicle Wraps, Look Walkers, Ad-Bicy, Digi Walkers and Auto Ads to help your ads reach the millions of audiences. These ad mediums are inexpensive and carefully caress your pockets, unlike the traditional ad mediums (Print, TV etc). Based on what you pick, we deliver you the services of any of these ad mediums.

The distinctive and lucrative ad carriers are quite intriguing too, and potently help in doing targeted promotion of your ads. We have a fleet of these ad carriers at your service, so that you get what you want, whenever you seek for. Our ad carriers run your ads on high streets, at exhibition grounds, colleges, Shopping malls, busy market areas, red lights etc, thus, giving them high density exposure.

To get a more detailed and precise overview of our Mobile Ad Carriers, you can riff through them one by one. To avail the services of any of these mediums, you can select the one you want and contact us with your requirement. Proffering you the innovative ad services would certainly be our pleasure, and taking your business to a new high - our desire.