Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle wraps are practical advertisements displayed on vehicles. It empowers your company’s advertisements to reach on the move. Vehicle wraps are cost effective advertisement which provides a new look and a new dimension of advertisement for your business. The wraps give a new presentation of the product and services offered by your company.

Ads on Wheels© provide a wide range of vehicle wrap advertising services on car, truck, Auto, bus etc. Either you can choose for full car wraps advertising or half wrap advertising. Just wrap it up on the vehicles and you are on the move with the buses, cars, Autos, and trucks.

A recent study in America says – "91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on vehicles like trucks, bus, car, auto, bikes etc." Vehicle wrap advertisement widens the area of impact of your advertising by many folds as the vehicles are on the move so the ads are moving alongside the advertisements and thus a single ad is reaching a number of areas and number of people at any point of time without investing too much.

Car Wraps, Auto wraps, Bus Wraps, Truck Wraps help travel your advertising campaigns where these vehicles travels. All of these are medium of the vehicle advertising wraps and are effective for any advertising campaign of any product and brand.